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Meeting Chen Xiaowang

It was 1998, and one couldn’t find websites about Tai Chi online, and Chen Style Tai Chi was not well known in most countries. Then I met Chen Xiaowang.

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First time in Chenjiagou

I went to China to train Tai Chi for the first ime in 2002, and stayed in my master’s family home. It was an incredible time, when i was welcomed in his family.

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Back to China, after 8 years, organizing of a group trip that took 39 to the craddle of Chinese martial arts, training Tai Chi in Chenjiagou and Huashan.

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Chenjiagou 2011

We visited Chenjiagou, cradle of Tai Chi in China. This is the village where Chen Wangting lived in when he created Tai Chi in 17th century.

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We visited the Shaolin monastery after the Tai Chi seminar. It is famous for its history and for martial arts legends that involve it.

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After three days of Tai Chi practice, we climbed the Huashan mountain range, where Taoist hermits of old used to take refuge to meditate.

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Liability Release / Waiver

Coming to Class When coming to your first class, you are required to sign a Liability Release. Please download it here, print it, complete the form at the and, date and sign. If you don’t have a printer, please don’t worry, i have some forms with me – but please read the text in advance… Continue reading

Friends in Taijiquan

These are Taijiquan (Tai Chi) (Tai Chi) teachers that i wholeheartedly recommend. I am lucky that we have become friends by following the same road in life. WCTA-Br This is the association that represents Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang in Brazil, where i worked for 9 years as manager.  Here you can find the contacts for Taijiquan (Tai Chi) (Tai Chi)… Continue reading

Yin and Yang

Nature is described as resulting from interaction of two forces, Yin and Yang, with four basic characteristics that every Tai Chi student should be aware of.

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Tai Chi is in accordance with Acupuncture theory. Outside and extremities are Yang, inside and center is Yin. The body is linked by Three External Harmonies.

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Naturalness is the first pinciple in Tai Chi. There’s a subtle natural order in the universe. We can choose to follow this order, or to follow our own whims.

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Body Posture

Good transmission of power in Tai Chi is dependent on good alignment and precise movement of the joints. Tai Chi optimizes existing connections in your body.

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The concept of Qi, central in Tai Chi, is fundamental to many aspects of Chinese culture, but it is still surprisingly misunderstood in the west.

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Qi sensations

Questions regarding feeling Qi (energy) circulation are common among those starting Tai Chi practice. The feeling of Qi is described as being of a warm flow.

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Microcosmic Orbit

Microcosmic Orbit is a Qigong and meditative practice also known as: Divine Sky Circulation, Neidan, Small Heavenly Circulation. The actual Chinese name is 小周天.

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When there’s no Qi blockage, there’s no pain. Tai Chi respects this well established Traditional Chinese Medicine principle.

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One of the goals in Tai Chi practice is to become able to concentrate whole body spiral power a single impact point, in an explosive move.

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19 Posture Form

Chen Xiaowang created the 19 Posture Tai Chi Form, about 30 years ago, to introduce new students to Chen family Tai Chi. Here is the instructional video.

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To understand this teaching, it’s neccessary to emphazise context. For a beginner, Tai Chi is a complete reeducation of posture and movement.

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Martial arts practice, such as Tai Chi, is starting to be considered as an alternative for medication for coping with ADHD.

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Laojia Yilu

Master Chen Yingjun demonstrates Tai Chi’s Laojia Yilu, leading a group of students. This was the first time Chen Yingjun allowed his Taijiquan (Tai Chi) to be recorded.

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Speed of practice

Many variables influence the speed in Tai Chi. You shouldn’t practice so fast that you can’t keep the quality, nor so slow that Qi won’t circulate fluidly.

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