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These are accounts from my life story in learning and teaching Tai Chi, from the first meeting with Chen Xiaowang onwards. Practicing in China, Australia, and Tai Chi seminars around the world.

Life takes a sharp turn

Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang invited me to stay in his home in Sydney in 2000, to learn Tai Chi from his son. It turned my life around.


Back to China, after 8 years, organizing of a group trip that took 39 to the craddle of Chinese martial arts, training Tai Chi in Chenjiagou and ...

Chenjiagou 2011

We visited Chenjiagou, cradle of Tai Chi in China. This is the village where Chen Wangting lived in when he created Tai Chi in 17th century.


We visited the Shaolin monastery after the Tai Chi seminar. It is famous for its history and for martial arts legends that involve it.


After three days of Tai Chi practice, we climbed the Huashan mountain range, where Taoist hermits of old used to take refuge to meditate.

Tai Chi Shoes

When practicing Tai Chi, choose flat (zero drop), wide toe box shoes, and let your feet do their thing.