Tai Chi's Laojia Yilu

Master Chen Yingjun demonstrates Taijiquan (Tai Chi)‘s Laojia Yilu while leading a group of his father’s students in Wenxian, China. This was the first time Chen Yingjun allowed a film of his Taijiquan (Tai Chi) form to be recorded for publication.

A few notes:

  • The video starts at the third posture in the form, the first two have been not been recorded.
  • You will notice that Master Chen Yingjun slows down, very briefly, a few times during the form. You can see that he is looking to the students at the corners of the group: he slows a little to wait for them, in order to keep the group synchronized as one.
  • At the end, just after the kick, he turns an extra 180º, to finish the form facing the front. This is on purpose: as the group is demonstrating, it would not be nice to finish with the back to the public. The traditional execution, tough, finishes in the opposite direction.

The video is provided here for reference, please keep in mind that this isn’t a video planned to be used for teaching. However, looking at the way Master Chen Yingjun moves is very didactic and can teach you a lot about Taijiquan (Tai Chi).

Here’s Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang’s first instructional video on Laojia Yilu. This is viewing from behind, as a student sees his teacher during class, and is posted here to help students practice at home: