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We have a Taijiquan (Tai Chi) program for everyone. Come practice with us and feel welcome!

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Since Taijiquan (Tai Chi) is a principles-based art, the underlying principle is always the same, what changes is the complexity of its application. A 90 minutes class is structured like this:

  0 – 30 min: Standing Meditation
30 – 50 min: Silk Reeling Qigong
50 – 60 min: Theory and questions, if any
60 – 90 min: Forms

Teaching is the same for everyone from 0 to 60 min, and when we get to the Forms part, we separate the group in two or three, according to each person’s ease in remembering the choreography. This does isn’t related to actual internal skill, just to memory.

On the third part of class, the form taught is different at different locations. Please check below:

Program at The Glebe

Group 1: Laojia up to the third Jingang Doadui (third stomp)
Group 2: Laojia up to end of part 2 (first half)
Group 3: all of Laojia

Programs at CCA

Silk Reeling Qigong will be introduced, and practiced occasionally, in order to allow more time for Form practice.
Beginners A: 9 Postures Form
Beginners B: 19 Postures Form – beginners should feel free to join this program. Please do not worry about how many “moves” there are, this program used to be the beginner program until 2015, when Chen Xiaowang created the shorter form.

Programs at OSCA

At OSCA we have separate Tai Chi and Qigong classes, so the “thirds” breaking up of classes does not apply. Class plans are below, but may vary according to each group’s didactic needs.
Qigong A: Standing Meditation (Zhanzhuang) and Silk Reeling Qigong
Qigong B: Standing Meditation (Zhanzhuang) and: Hands Making Circles; Stepping Forward; Stepping Backward an Twisting Arms.
Tai Chi A: Standing Meditation and 9 Postures Form
Tai Chi B: Standing Meditation and 19 Postures Form