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Tai Chi instructional videos designed to support in-class practice. Here I explain details about Tai Chi videos with Master Chen Yingjun and Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang.


One of the goals in Tai Chi practice is to become able to concentrate whole body spiral power a single impact point, in an explosive move.

19 Posture Form

Chen Xiaowang created the 19 Posture Tai Chi Form, about 30 years ago, to introduce new students to Chen family Tai Chi. Here is the ...

Tai Chi's Laojia Yilu

Master Chen Yingjun demonstrates Tai Chi's Laojia Yilu, leading a group of students. This was the first time Chen Yingjun allowed his Taijiquan ...

Laojia first part

Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang shows the first part of Laojia Yilu of Chen family Tai Chi, in his standard instructional video series.